Effective Strategies for Teaching and Learning with Concept Maps, Beijing Normal University

This video shows my work at  the Beijing Normal University for the last two weeks. I taught concept  mapping to teachers and students in December 2014.

Participatory Video Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Principal Investigator 

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has received a large amount of Brazilian undergraduate students from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program since 2012. A faculty member and a small group of Brazilian students conducted participatory video research to identify the ways in which Brazilian students experienced UWM from an academic, daily life, social, and environmental perspectives. Students conducted audio and video interviews and gathered photos of places and people. The video production process encouraged self-reflection. The storytelling process from pre-production to the final edit helped them place their lived experience into context. 

  • Through the 15-minute video narrative students tell the story of a year of their lived experiences:
  • This video shows the lived experiences of the 127 group in Milwaukee, USA, in the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. This group worked fro eight weeks to brainstorm ideas, develop the video narratives, create the video stories, and work on the final cut. This participatory video research  shows the meaning of the group experience at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: