Teaching and Advising


Courses Taught

  • ADLDSP 667 Program Planning in Adult Education
  • ADLDSP 687 Instructional Design & Teaching Strategies
  • ADLDSP 703 Resources for Self-directed Learning
  • ADLDSP 704 Technologies for Online Student Support
  • ADLDSP 706 Professional Development for Online Instruction
  • ADLDSP 707 Using Technology with Adult Learners
  • ADLDSP 737 Distance Education for Adults
  • ADLDSP 740 Seminar in Innovative Technologies for Learning in Education
  • ADLDSP 757 Principles and Foundations of Adult Education 
  • ADLDSP 767 Practicum in Program Planning & Implementation
  • ADLDSP 897 Seminar in the Philosophy and History of Adult Education 
  • ADLDSP 630 Field Work- School, Agency, Institution
  • CURRINS 530 Workshop in Computer Instruction in the Schools 


Student Advising

  • Master’s Program Students
  • Doctoral Program Students


Doctoral Student Dissertation Chair

  1. David Seckman (May 2019)
    Title: Mobile Technology Use as a Moderator for Understanding the Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation and Grades
  2. Christina Trombley (May 2018)
    Title: The Perceptions and Experiences of Faculty Teaching a Mix of Traditional and Nontraditional Students in Online Classes
  3. Damien Che Michaud (August 2017)
    Title: From a Distance: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Telecommuters Working Remotely in Virtual Teams
  4. Anita Samuel (May 2016)
    Title: Faculty Perceptions and Experiences of “Presence” in the Online Learning Environment
  5. Ali Yilmaz (May 2016)
    Title: Teacher Perceptions of Administrative Support in Urban Charter Schools
  6. Leonard Cruz (May 2013)
    Title: Laban Movement Analysis as a Methodology for Promoting Creativity and the Arts Across the Curriculum
  7. James H. Brown (December 2011)
    Title:  Exploring  How Urban Older Adult Participants of a Computer Training  Program  Learn, Use, and Make Sense of Computer Technology in Their  Everyday  Lives
  8. Elizabeth Evans (December 2010)
    Dissertation Title: Experiences of Higher Education Faculty Engaged in Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  9. Susan Yelich-Biniecki (May 2010)
    Title: How Learners Perceive They Construct Knowledge as Participants in Outreach Programs
  10. Jennifer Sanders-Kusch (December 2009)
    Title: Higher Education Biology Faculty at Urban Institutions: Toward a More  Informed  Understanding of Their Perceptions of How They Learn to Teach
  11. Margaret Mulligan (December 2009)
    Title: An Exploration into Learner Experiences with Mandated Learning Portfolios In Graduate Medical Education